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In the spring of 1977, Annie, a flighty artist, and her twelve-year-old daughter, Delilah, trade the cherry blossom trees and beaches of Vancouver for rugged and remote Old Town in Yellowknife, surprising Delilah’s father by showing up on his doorstep. As she adapts to her new surroundings, Delilah befriends Will, a local Dene man and her father’s business partner. But Annie’s capricious nature undermines Delilah’s elusive sense of belonging when Annie leaves Old Town for an artists’ colony without saying goodbye. While coping with her family’s instability and changes within herself, Delilah becomes attached to Will as she grows alienated from her increasingly aloof father. When Will vanishes in a blizzard one night, Delilah is devastated and suspects her father is to blame. What happened to Will? Is there anyone she can trust? Where—and with whom—does she belong?



Manuscript Evaluation

Detailed manuscript evaluation for clients  looking for guidance with current writing projects.

Substantive Editing

Restructuring for manuscripts that still need help being developed to their full potential.  


Line-by-line editing for manuscripts that require grammar and punctuation clean-up. 


Writing a book is a tremendous effort that takes countless hours and sometimes even years of hard work. When you’re finally done, you want to share it with as many people as you can. 

Authors know only too well how difficult it can be to get noticed.

The number of books released annually is skyrocketing due to Amazon and other self-publishing companies; titles by independent authors have more than tripled in the last five years. This doesn’t mean authors should give up. It just means the books they release into the world should be the most polished and compelling pieces of writing they can produce.

That’s where an editor comes in.

Once the book is in the reader’s hand, or on their screen, there’s no going back. You can’t turn back time and fix those misplaced commas or delete that clunky sentence or tie up that frayed ending. With the amount of other options out there, if someone starts to read a book with sloppy, typo-ridden writing, more than likely that book will never be read past the first page.

Hiring an editor will help your promising manuscript become the book it deserves to be, and give it a fighting chance to thrive out there in the land of the readers.


Rebecca Hendry began her career fifteen years ago working for Amazon as a copyeditor and proofreader in their self-publishing department, editing everything from poetry to business books to literary memoirs. She is a contract editor for private clients and traditional publishing houses, and has worked as a marketing coordinator and in-house editor at Caitlin Press, an award-winning Canadian publisher.

She is also a published fiction writer. Her first novel, Grace River, was published by Brindle and Glass in 2009, and her short stories have been published by numerous literary presses across Canada including the Windsor Review, Event, Room, Dalhousie Review and Wascana Review.

Her latest novel, One Good Thing, was released in April 2018. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

Reviews for Grace River

“Rebecca has a gift for dead-on portraits, for apt conveyances in prose of the small-town feeling.”
Sunstream Magazine

“Hendry is a skillful writer; the voices are subtly different from each other, serving to keep the narrative interesting and lively.”
Harbour Spiel

“There is something almost inexplicably charming about Rebecca Hendry’s voice in her debut novel.”
January Magazine

“Grace River is a company-town drama that will resonate all over the world.”
Vancouver Sun

“This will be the hot new book in B.C. this year.”
Coast Reporter



  • “As a first-time author, I worried about putting the future of my novel in someone else’s hands. I needn’t have; Rebecca was caring, thorough and constructive at every stage of the edit. She took a sincere interest in the story I wanted to tell, and her suggestions were on point and made my book so much better. I would recommend her without reservation!”

    – Kevin O’Neill

  • “Rebecca is one of the most talented writer/editors I’ve ever had the great fortune to work with. She is a gifted wordsmith with masterful understanding of how to use words to convey maximum impact. As a substantive editor, she can look at a piece of writing and see the “bones” of the story, and then rearrange them so the ideas flow logically from one to the next and pull readers deeper into the story. As a copy editor, she’s a rigorous grammarian who will polish your writing until it shines with meaning and clarity. No matter what kind of writing you need help with – whether you’re a publishing house or author looking for an editor, a  business seeking the services of a professional writer, or a subject matter expert wanting to publish a book to further cement your credibility, Rebecca will elevate your writing to the highest possible level. I would recommend her to anyone.”

    – Erin Whalen,

  • Rebecca has been a wonderful resource. I have valued her perspective and professional approach to my project. I would highly recommend her and look forward to another opportunity to work together.”

    – Jennifer Wilson

  • “Rebecca’s ability to edit my academic writing in a highly specialized field really impressed me. She has an uncanny skill for seeing and vastly improving the structure and sequencing of thoughts and ideas, even though she wasn’t familiar with the field. My own thinking and thesis developed after reading her edited versions of my work. I was also able to write with greater precision and coherence after receiving her edits and feedback – one of the many happy side e­ffects of working with her! Along with her formidable technical skills, I’m very grateful for Rebecca’s exquisite professionalism. I’ve felt thoroughly respected with how she handles the vulnerability and intimacy that can come with sharing my writing for the purpose of improving it.”

    – Rochelle Fairfield, MA in Integral Theory


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